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LJ's Earthen Ring Community's Journal
19 most recent entries

Date:2010-12-29 20:38
Subject:Forsaken Hunter
Mood: curious

So, does anyone on ER-US have a level 85 undead hunter?

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Date:2008-06-23 16:07
Subject:Earthen Ring in the (Science) News
Mood: cheerful

Some of you may have heard that a virtual reality science conference was held on Earthen Ring a few months ago. Here's an article on how it came out.

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Date:2007-08-15 00:32

Kind of a drag this LJ group isn't a little more active! Just sayin'.

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Date:2007-01-16 23:45
Mood: jubilant

I can't rememebr how but I found this and it's just too funny so enjoy all :D


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Date:2007-01-13 09:57
Subject:Re: The me

OK I just stumbled across this community and am happy for it, so allow me to introduce myself. I am a lvl 38 Tauren Druid (Feral Spec). ... and that is it for now.

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Date:2007-01-11 15:18
Subject:Finally!!! First 60!

So, yesterday, I finally, FINALLY got my first level 60 on WoW.

That's over a year of playing her. Admittedly, it took so long because I have severe alt-itis, but wow, was it a giddy feeling when I finally managed it. That's over 18 days of solid playtime. Including 300 first aid, 300 tailoring, & 290 mining. Some seriously fun runs through instances and dungeons. (I LOVE Dire Maul!) THREE mounts. (We won't discuss how I bought 2 of them BEFORE the major change in mount pricing and how very very bitter I was 'bout that.) It is SO very cool that I managed it before the expansion, I wasn't sure if I would. Today I spent like 2 hours with her in her "rp" clothes and working on my fishing and silly grey quests because, guess what, I dont have to grind anymore! Whooo!

Then afterwards, started working on my druid who was my actual first WoW character, by running through Scarlet Monastery. Except it took a lot longer then I thought I would and I was late for a very important RP appointment. But that's ok, tonight is all RP across the board. Wherever I can get it. :)

It was a good day, shared with good guildmates.

[X-posted with a level of giddiness few but other WoW players will understand :) ]

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Date:2007-01-09 23:13
Subject:hello everyone.
Mood: cheerful

Just stumbling apon the different world of warcraft communities...I need something to read before class. Almost missed this one! (me server :p)
I'm not rp-ing much on this server as I use to, I'm tryinig to get back in the habit of it. Just thought I'd pop in here and say ''ello!

-- Leeha (60 warrior)

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Date:2006-12-21 16:13
Subject:What up Earthen Ring!

I just found this thing. Yeah.


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Date:2006-03-20 11:33
Subject:well well well...
Mood: le sigh

Just a quick hello, can’t believe it took me so long to find this community…I’ve been on ER for over a year now alliance side. Heh, slow and steady…

I play an elf of no importance named Fiha La Fee and while my LJ is mostly trivial, I do try to make the occasional IC post, I should dedicate an entire journal to it but…alas, I lack the time.

More at some point I am sure…

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Date:2006-01-25 18:12

I am a tribal leather worker on the alliance side Earthen Ring US server.
I believe I am only missing the Core Armor Kit, two patterns from the Furblogs (must kill more) and the three BoP patterns from the Dire Maul north cache...

Otherwise i have every single tribal and generic leather working recipe I can (I even got the kodo hide bag recipe).

Here is a list of recipes that I can make (this is constantly updating as i get new ones... rarer now). Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2005-12-20 18:16
Subject:Any good ER communities?

Hey there, guys and dolls!

Well, I've been scouring the internet, and thusfar I've only come up with one good, reliable <u>Earthen Ring</u> community (http://www.earthenring.net), but surely there are more out there?  I've had no luck here on Livejournal, the only two I've found are:

LJ's Earthen Ring Community (earthen_ring) -- Last post was back on October 16, and didn't look all that active to begin with since posts were sometimes a month apart.

World of Warcraft Earthen Ring Roleplay (wow_er) -- Last post was back on June 15, but looked slightly more active in the earlier stages.

Are there any other ER Comms out there that I'm missing?  Where are they all hiding?

~WoW RPGirl

X-Posted: earthen_ring and wow_er

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Date:2005-10-16 08:23
Subject:ER Atlanta Gathering
Mood: calm


Current Info:

November 5th
someplace like Dave and Busters or Jillians?

((Romily's post on the thread))

Ok - for newcomers (and confirmation for the rest), it sounds like the consensus is:

WHAT: Largest WoW ER players meet and greet to date (that I'm aware of anyway... :P)

WHEN: Saturday, November 5th at 2pm (feel free to come earlier or get there when you can)

WHERE: Dave & Buster's, Marietta, GA (just NW of Atlanta)
(See http://www.daveandbusters.com for complete directions)

Other miscellany:
Once we get there, it's pretty much going to be a free-for-all. Silvershadow and I will both be wearing WoW T-shirts (Silvershadow="I'm a WoW Girl" and Romily=navy shirt from Blizzard with the Alliance logo on the back) AND will both have "myname is" stickers. As people funnel in, we'll hand out more of those stickers so we can spread the stickers more easily (i.e. find someone with a sticker and they'll likely be carrying a spare for you). As people trickle in, just find a sticker-wearing ER player and grab a sticker.

We planned to eat (though not as a huge group). Then we can all wander around the place, saying Hi and chatting and/or go hang out in the gameroom (eating is not required for admittance to the gameroom).

A few folks will be flying in for the weekend. Kormok is one and Anansi and I will be showing him 'round the town during the weekend. Any others that would like to join our before/after D&B excursions are wewlcome. Just let me know. :)

At least one person needed a ride from a MARTA station. I've offered to pick her up. If anyone else has transportation challeneges and needs assistance, pipe up here and one of us locals will help out. :)

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Date:2005-10-12 15:01
Subject:Dark Legacy!
Mood: peaceful

Greetings all.

It is I, Amaeth again. Just leaving word that my guild is up and running. Very RP intensive.
Check out our website (http://legacy.fracturedminds.net) for information or email me at: legacy@fracturedminds.net

See you soon!

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Date:2005-10-09 17:34
Subject:RP Guild
Mood: blah

Looking for a good guild for one of my alts...

I want it to be VERY HEAVY rp, and hopefully with little infighting, but something that when I log in with my alt, I can join into the rp fairly easilly. I am thinking a large guild possibly. Any recommendations here? I have heard that Silver Dawn is a good one...

Oh...and it needs to be alliance side and either human or night elf friendly....


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Date:2005-09-20 09:06
Subject:*wailing and rending of garments*
Mood: aggravated

Greetings, my fellow Earthen Ring players.

I primarily play Jenise, a gnome mage. She's sweet and hyper. And it's highly theoretical that I play her most.

I've had some computer problems, and I've tracked them down to video card problems of a Can't-Be-Fixed-by-Reinstalling-Anything-No-Really nature.

So... I'm looking for recommendations from my fellow WoW players as to what I should buy. I'm looking on pricewatch, and I'd really like to stay fairly inexpensive. *sigh* My husband uses a Radeon 9600 of some variety (I see there are several, but I'm at work, and his computer isn't, so I'm not sure which he has).

Thank you all now, and I hope to actually see people soon! It's driving me nuts, as before this we had our cable modem go out. :/

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Date:2005-08-26 11:03
Mood: calm

i am:

Amaeth Corelaia, son of Azaeruil the Butcher
Shadow Priest of her grace, Elune
Leader of the Twilight Mourning
Private in the Alliance Armed Forces

greetings to everyone and well wishes to you and yours. i can often be found lately in stranglevale helping out the locals there and when not there in ironforge plying my trade and earning the few gold coins i have in order to protect and provide for my order.

the order, in itself, is a testament to Elune and all the other entities that guide and drive our world. with the death of close friends of mine the order will be redesigned and restructured..but that is a conversation for another time.

on each of the concordants i am found in shadowvale or darnassus preaching the world of Elune, spreading the joy of her grace to those that would listen..that would wish some guidance and meaning in their lives. it is my hope in the future my order will spread and other priests will spread the word of their beliefs to those that would listen, across the world!

my council in desolace as of late has gone over well.

perhaps i will see you or yours one day roaming the streets of the city or battling the corrupt where it may arise. if it would please you, find me. i am sure we can find much to discuss.

With the shadows of Elune as my guide,

Amaeth Corelaia
Ios Veritas

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Date:2005-08-22 15:06
Subject:ER at Dragon*Con
Mood: okay

Anyone going to Dragon*Con, you might wanna check out >THIS THREAD<

Looks like people are meeting up on Sat, Noonish, outside the artshow. Spread the word!

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Date:2005-07-19 14:55


I play a 38 warlock named Ghome. Feel free to contact me.

Usually what I do is hustle herbs and dischants for money, because I'm sick of being poor. I'm a big fan of Earthen Ring, used to play on Mal'Ganis and got very sick of getting ganked all the time.

Anyhoo, for any of you guildless folks, this is my guild: www.earthsprite.com/wow -- Look at the Royal Geographic Society section. I love it, we like to entertain ourselves, and we do RP as long as it's fun. The premise behind is that we're comissioned by the nobles of Azeroth to explore our world and document it. We have contests as well as many active clubs. I head up the photography club which has monthly contests with cash prizes.

If it sounds like something you'd like, contact me in the game. I'm reading this over and I realize this post is long and boring, but I promise that I'm not like that in the game. I'm quite short.

Also, if you've been hearing about the naked bear in Ironforge, that's my husband Rocker. Just in case you were wondering.


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Date:2005-06-29 18:09

Hi all! I just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Eveie on ER, 57th level gnomish warlock (although that's prone to change, hubby's getting ticked we haven't levelled in a few days), married to Svendirhl - 57th level gnomish mage. He pvp's, so many horde may remember wacking him at one point or another. I say this because usually mages wack others down so fast it's hard to note who did it. ;) Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi, and warn you that I'm now watching! :P Oh yes, and I'm the second of the guild Tenakill Fellowship.

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