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i am:

Amaeth Corelaia, son of Azaeruil the Butcher
Shadow Priest of her grace, Elune
Leader of the Twilight Mourning
Private in the Alliance Armed Forces

greetings to everyone and well wishes to you and yours. i can often be found lately in stranglevale helping out the locals there and when not there in ironforge plying my trade and earning the few gold coins i have in order to protect and provide for my order.

the order, in itself, is a testament to Elune and all the other entities that guide and drive our world. with the death of close friends of mine the order will be redesigned and restructured..but that is a conversation for another time.

on each of the concordants i am found in shadowvale or darnassus preaching the world of Elune, spreading the joy of her grace to those that would listen..that would wish some guidance and meaning in their lives. it is my hope in the future my order will spread and other priests will spread the word of their beliefs to those that would listen, across the world!

my council in desolace as of late has gone over well.

perhaps i will see you or yours one day roaming the streets of the city or battling the corrupt where it may arise. if it would please you, find me. i am sure we can find much to discuss.

With the shadows of Elune as my guide,

Amaeth Corelaia
Ios Veritas
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