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*wailing and rending of garments*

Greetings, my fellow Earthen Ring players.

I primarily play Jenise, a gnome mage. She's sweet and hyper. And it's highly theoretical that I play her most.

I've had some computer problems, and I've tracked them down to video card problems of a Can't-Be-Fixed-by-Reinstalling-Anything-No-Really nature.

So... I'm looking for recommendations from my fellow WoW players as to what I should buy. I'm looking on pricewatch, and I'd really like to stay fairly inexpensive. *sigh* My husband uses a Radeon 9600 of some variety (I see there are several, but I'm at work, and his computer isn't, so I'm not sure which he has).

Thank you all now, and I hope to actually see people soon! It's driving me nuts, as before this we had our cable modem go out. :/
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