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Any good ER communities?

Hey there, guys and dolls!

Well, I've been scouring the internet, and thusfar I've only come up with one good, reliable <u>Earthen Ring</u> community (, but surely there are more out there?  I've had no luck here on Livejournal, the only two I've found are:

LJ's Earthen Ring Community (earthen_ring) -- Last post was back on October 16, and didn't look all that active to begin with since posts were sometimes a month apart.

World of Warcraft Earthen Ring Roleplay (wow_er) -- Last post was back on June 15, but looked slightly more active in the earlier stages.

Are there any other ER Comms out there that I'm missing?  Where are they all hiding?

~WoW RPGirl

X-Posted: earthen_ring and wow_er

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