Completely, Gloriously, Ridiculously Random (maleficently) wrote in earthen_ring,
Completely, Gloriously, Ridiculously Random

Finally!!! First 60!

So, yesterday, I finally, FINALLY got my first level 60 on WoW.

That's over a year of playing her. Admittedly, it took so long because I have severe alt-itis, but wow, was it a giddy feeling when I finally managed it. That's over 18 days of solid playtime. Including 300 first aid, 300 tailoring, & 290 mining. Some seriously fun runs through instances and dungeons. (I LOVE Dire Maul!) THREE mounts. (We won't discuss how I bought 2 of them BEFORE the major change in mount pricing and how very very bitter I was 'bout that.) It is SO very cool that I managed it before the expansion, I wasn't sure if I would. Today I spent like 2 hours with her in her "rp" clothes and working on my fishing and silly grey quests because, guess what, I dont have to grind anymore! Whooo!

Then afterwards, started working on my druid who was my actual first WoW character, by running through Scarlet Monastery. Except it took a lot longer then I thought I would and I was late for a very important RP appointment. But that's ok, tonight is all RP across the board. Wherever I can get it. :)

It was a good day, shared with good guildmates.

[X-posted with a level of giddiness few but other WoW players will understand :) ]
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