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ER Atlanta Gathering

Current Info:

November 5th
someplace like Dave and Busters or Jillians?

((Romily's post on the thread))

Ok - for newcomers (and confirmation for the rest), it sounds like the consensus is:

WHAT: Largest WoW ER players meet and greet to date (that I'm aware of anyway... :P)

WHEN: Saturday, November 5th at 2pm (feel free to come earlier or get there when you can)

WHERE: Dave & Buster's, Marietta, GA (just NW of Atlanta)
(See for complete directions)

Other miscellany:
Once we get there, it's pretty much going to be a free-for-all. Silvershadow and I will both be wearing WoW T-shirts (Silvershadow="I'm a WoW Girl" and Romily=navy shirt from Blizzard with the Alliance logo on the back) AND will both have "myname is" stickers. As people funnel in, we'll hand out more of those stickers so we can spread the stickers more easily (i.e. find someone with a sticker and they'll likely be carrying a spare for you). As people trickle in, just find a sticker-wearing ER player and grab a sticker.

We planned to eat (though not as a huge group). Then we can all wander around the place, saying Hi and chatting and/or go hang out in the gameroom (eating is not required for admittance to the gameroom).

A few folks will be flying in for the weekend. Kormok is one and Anansi and I will be showing him 'round the town during the weekend. Any others that would like to join our before/after D&B excursions are wewlcome. Just let me know. :)

At least one person needed a ride from a MARTA station. I've offered to pick her up. If anyone else has transportation challeneges and needs assistance, pipe up here and one of us locals will help out. :)
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