Patrick Bohnet (quu) wrote in earthen_ring,
Patrick Bohnet

I am a tribal leather worker on the alliance side Earthen Ring US server.
I believe I am only missing the Core Armor Kit, two patterns from the Furblogs (must kill more) and the three BoP patterns from the Dire Maul north cache...

Otherwise i have every single tribal and generic leather working recipe I can (I even got the kodo hide bag recipe).

Here is a list of recipes that I can make (this is constantly updating as i get new ones... rarer now).

If you are affiliated with Pernocto, 11th Hour, Dark Legend, or SASU... or I know you... I will make these items for free (not even a tip required)... just get me the materials.

If you are not in any of these organizations, or you don't know me... I ask for a small tip... the amount up to you, and the worth of the item to you. I don't need the money... but want some sort of acknowledgement for the amount of work it took to get all of these recipes. I had one person give me 6 stacks of runecloth as a tip... that was very acceptable.

Either way... the procedure for getting these made, if you would like, is to get a hold of me while I am in Stormwind, or Ironforge... or to mail me all of the materials, including a note on what needs to be made. I am Quutar on the Alliance side of Earthen Ring.

Some items of note...
Hide of the Wild (Epic healing cape)
Devilsaur Set
Dawn Treaders and Golden Mantle of the Dawn
Ironfeather Set
Runic Leather Items (For easy caster Druid gear)
Warbear Woolies (working on more of the Furblog patterns)
Wicked Leather Items (for easy feral Druid gear)

Molten Core Items
Corehound Belt (Awesome FR and +Heal belt)
Corehound Boots (FR boots with some rogue stats)
Lava Belt (Stupid amounts of armor, FR, and Stamina)

Blood Tiger Set (Druid gear)
Primal Batskin Set (pure feral or rogue gear)

Sandstalker Items (Nature Resistance)
Spitfire Items (DPS hunter and Shaman)
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Well, I'll be! I have seen you around. I am in SASU as well, and am a Tribal Leatherworker....

Though I don't have most of the items you listed. I have the Wicked leather items, the warbear woolies and harness, the ironfeather set, and the runic leather items. I have the patterns for the devilsaur set sitting in my bank account just WAITING for me to get to that ability...

Oh...btw...I am Balatak there.
I am Quutar... my wife is a guild master for one of the SASU alligned guilds... so i help sasu to help her